Your wedding day is no doubt one of the most important days of your life and of course you want it to be perfect. If you have a spring wedding planned, you might have to face the fact there is a guarantee rain will appear on the day, and if you don’t have everything in place, here is a checklist to make sure you’re fully prepared for any eventuality!


Making your big day a success comes down to the planning. Taking the possibility of rain into account, check if you have any shelter if the wedding is taking place outside. It’s a lovely image to have your guests sipping on champagne and enjoying some canapes but if the weather turns – will there be somewhere for them to go? Check with the venue and make arrangements to have a couple of gazebos or a marquee at the ready.


If you have a marquee or gazebo, you also need to think about flooring, as grass and dirt will simply not do, especially with the heels, smart shoes and gorgeous dresses! Matting is a cheaper option but when it rains it can be difficult to walk on. Invest in wooden floors and you’ll have the perfect weatherproof venue that will hold up against the heaviest downpour.


This is one Jolly Brolly can help you out with – wedding umbrellas! Make sure you have plenty of brollies on hand, especially for the wedding party. The brides should ideally be white, and we have a great selection of gorgeous white wedding umbrellas so the bride and everyone else is prepared and with no chance of getting a hair out of place, even if it’s pouring!

Prep your photographer and caterer

If you think there is a chance of rain, make sure your photographer and caterers know. Your photographer might welcome the chance to be creative with their shots but you will also want a backup place to take photos if the weather is severe. Your caterers will also want to know beforehand if the outdoor wedding is facing rain, so they can be flexible about serving food. If it's showering, it might be worth moving the dinner forward so guests can be inside when it’s raining.

Joke and relax

As hard as it might be, the best solution is to go along with it. The weather is the one thing you can’t plan for your wedding so it is best to embrace it and joke about it. The more relaxed you are about the wedding day, the better it will go and the more likely you can enjoy every aspect of it.

Image by: Malespi Graphic