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China creates world's biggest umbrella

An umbrella company situated in east China’s Jiangxi Province has been hard at work to create an umbrella that is 23m in diameter and 14.4m in height to set a new world record.

This has broken the previous record set in India, where the umbrella that stood at Ishanya Mall had a diameter of 17.06m with a height of 10.97m.

The umbrella has been certified by Chinese representatives from Guinness World Records as the new world record and the publicity department noted that it weighed a whopping 5.7 tonnes and that the canopy covers an area of 418 square metres.

These type of feats just show what humans are capable of when it comes to design, and also appeals to people’s inquisitive sides. Who doesn’t like to see the world’s biggest sandwich or the world’s largest mattress?

This record breaking large umbrella might just remind you that you need a new beach umbrella to keep the sun off the kids or something new to keep the rain off during your 18 holes on Sunday afternoon.

Just be glad you don’t have to open that gigantic umbrella on a wet and windy day.


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