Now that we’re in Autumn and soon in Winter it's more than ever important to own a golf umbrella if you’re a golf player. Many golf players simply use free corporate handout golf umbrellas without even thinking if it's appropriate for their use. When enquiring about branded golf umbrellas, companies do not focus on their use in golf, they want the umbrellas to be large and durable.


If you're serious about playing, you may want to invest a little thought and money into your golf umbrella choice. I would even suggest not to be tempted to take that free golf umbrella just because it's handed out to you. In a world that’s so focused on sustainability we should really think twice before we take stuff home that will only end unbroken and disposed of. Invest in a good golf umbrella and you’ll have it forever.


What should you be looking out for?


Canopy colour - the brighter, the better. A bright canopy is useful on an overcast day and foggy morning and makes you more visible on the golf course.


Size - golf umbrellas sizes start at 120cm but you can get them bigger. Make sure they’re big enough to cover your equipment and bag but easy to handle on a windy day.


Windproof - golf courses are areas of open space and often windy. Do your best to find out if your golf umbrella has been wind tunnel tested and is indeed wind resistant. You have bigger chances of that with vented canopies.


The right handle - as much as size and windproof aspect are important, it will do nothing if the handle is uncomfortable or too light. Curved handles might be easier to hold in a windy weather but some of the best golf umbrellas feature a straight one. We suggest following your gut and trying out a few different styles. 


Golf is a great game to play and a wonderful sport - make sure you have the right golf umbrella so that you can play it all year long. Here are our best golf umbrella recommendations:

Blunt Classic Umbrella in Orange

Blue Falcone Golf Umbrella

Vented HQ Falcone Golf Umbrella

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