You know you want to get married this year, but which month should you go for? There are pros and cons all year round, so there’s no one right or wrong answer here. Let’s have a look at a few considerations so that you can make your own choice.

Think About The Weather.

If you have your heart set on an outdoor occasion, then it might mean you want to go for one of the months that’s likely to see the most sunshine. July to September would be your best bet, especially if you are staying on home turf. But obviously, even then there are no guarantees. Even if you choose to hold your wedding at the height of summer, in the UK we’d suggest umbrellas are a good idea for a standby for you and your guests. You never know if you’ll need them, but if you do end up needing them you’ll be very glad you thought ahead.

Think About Cost.

Getting a good price for your wedding is about the time of year, and partly about planning. If you’re going to do something last minute, even outside of the usual wedding season, you might find that you’re out of pocket just because you didn’t have enough notice to shop around for a good idea. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter weddings each have their own beautiful characteristics, but the colder months might cost more for things like outdoor heating and wet weather contingency plans, whereas the warmer months could be pricier because of the competition for venue space and photographer bookings. It all depends but its always worth a haggle or two.

Think About Clashing Dates.

If you’re going to plan a Christmas wedding, bear in mind that people’s availability gets booked up well ahead of time during November and December, and so you’ll need to send out ‘save the date’ notifications well in advance. Same for mid-summer. On the other hand, you might find its just simpler to go for a month that isn’t already known for its festivities and family occasions.

Think About The Seasons.

Are you a couple who loves hot weather? The hotter the better? Then it makes sense for your wedding photos to have sunshine in them, and guests dressed to soak up the rays. But if you both prefer kicking autumn leaves in the forest, or twinkling candlelight in the dark evenings, then a summer wedding could leave you feeling hot and bothered. Don't limit yourself to when everyone else gets married.

Whenever you choose to have your wedding, expect great weather, but also plan for possible showers. Wellington boots might be overkill, but definitely, have an umbrella available for the bride’s photoshoot!