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How To Choose Your Fashionable Umbrella

As the summer begins to fade and everyone's looking forward to carefree autumnal afternoons, laughing and kicking leaves in the honey and vanilla scented golden air like they do in hair commercials (or alternatively just nipping off down to Tesco for a cheap bottle of bubbly for a quiet DVD night in when it's chucking it down outside), it’s time to check you have the umbrella that suits your style. We can help.

For a start, think about the uses you have for your umbrella. Do you have a long walk to work? If you’re in the city and you have to travel by foot or between public transport stops, you may want to consider a full-sized ladies umbrella that will keep you dry even in gusty seasonal showers. To make sure it’s fashionable, you’ll want to consider a few things.

First, the colour. It doesn’t have to be black any more, although if you fancy the Mary Poppins look, that could work too. Pick one in this seasons colours to match your shoes or your favourite jacket. A transparent one will help if you like to keep an eye on the world around you.

Consider the handle. A traditional curved one is still the best way to make sure you keep a good hold of it when the weather gets windy. Some of the fashion houses are making these with animal shaped ends, but a simple curve is timeless and no-nonsense, especially if you have other bold accessories to show off.

Of course, you could go for a compact fashionable ladies umbrella for your handbag. Remember the days when these would fly inside out the moment there was so much as a gentle breeze in the air? Not any more. Fortunately technology hasn’t just advanced with phones, and small ladies umbrellas that fit in your bag are engineered for strength and resilience. Again, just pick your colour and match your style.

Remember that while cheap ladies umbrellas at the till in the local grocery store may look like a good investment, if they aren’t up to the job they’ll soon find themselves stuff in a bin while you arrive at your destination looking like you’ve swum there. 

Choose wisely, and the ladies umbrella you pick could be the making of next season’s wet weather outfit.

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