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Choosing the Right Wedding Umbrellas

Wedding umbrellas can be really useful if you are worried there might be rain on your big day, but how can you make sure you've chosen the right ones? This article takes you through what to consider to make sure you get the perfect wedding umbrellas to cover all eventualities.

How many do you need?
Firstly, you will need to work out how many wedding umbrellas you are likely to need. If you want to play it safe then you could make sure you have enough for everyone who will be attending your wedding (they also make great alternative wedding favours, so this could be a really good option). Alternatively, you could get enough so that your guests can share their umbrellas during any outdoor activities.

What colour(s) do you want?
As well as the practicalities such as how many wedding umbrellas you need, it's also worth giving some thought to the colour of them. For instance, do you want to carry on with the white wedding theme and make all your umbrellas white? You could also mix things up with some black umbrellas or even some multi-coloured ones that are sure to brighten up the day no matter how much it rains.

Do you want a logo or message?
You also have the option of further sprucing up your wedding umbrellas with a logo or a message, which can be a really nice touch to personalise them for your day. You could, for example, get the date of your wedding printed on them or perhaps a small quotation or picture that means something to you – your guests are sure to appreciate the extra effort.

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