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What should you put in a Christmas eve box?

A new tradition is sweeping the UK. Many are making up Christmas Eve boxes for their significant others and children to increase the festive spirit in the household the eve before Christmas. These boxes are pre-gifts to the main gift-exchanging day, and rather than spending lots of money on it, these boxes are better to be personalised gifts and treats to use on Christmas eve. So, what should you consider putting in these little gift boxes?

For the kids

Look at packing up a box of their favourite festive treats, like gingerbread men and golden, chocolate coins. Put in a festive Christmas bedtime story to get them ready for Christmas Day, as well as some Christmas pyjamas to wear to bed. Put a smile on their face with a personalised letter from Santa that they can keep, whilst keeping the dream alive another year longer. Add to the tradition of the mince pies and carrots by adding in some magic ‘reindeer food’ to the box, so the children can sprinkle this onto the lawn. Another great suggestion would be some hot chocolate and marshmallows, so you can make these whilst watching a family film.

For your significant other

This is the opportunity to show your significant other how much you know them, by including their favourite things- whether this is coffee, games or books. Personalised coupon books can be a great addition to the Christmas eve box and can add a little humour or romance to the festive season. Look to include their favourite sweet treat for them to eat while you snuggle up in the evening watching a Christmas movie. If the morning commute is a nightmare for them, look at personalised umbrellas to make sure they get to the office dry. As well as some other bits to lighten up their return to work, with a framed picture or desk decorations.

This new tradition is bound to put a smile on anyone’s face and increase the festive spirit in the house. Why not try making Christmas eve boxes for your family today?!

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