Christmas is coming and you’re probably already thinking about the kind of presents the golfer in your life will receive on the day. Sometimes its hard to come up with the right suggestions, but if golf is a big theme for the one you're buying for, we’ve got a few ideas that might help.

First of all, how about something along the lines of clothing. You know how golf clubs have strict rules about what players can wear on the course, right from jumpers and shirts and trousers through to socks and shoes?

The good news is that means you have a wide range of choices for the golfer in your life, and a wide range of prices depending how much you want to pay. So consider whether a pair of pro golfing socks will make a good stocking filler, or whether a golf jacket is nearer the price mark you’re looking for.

Have you considered technology that’s linked to golf? There are a few options these days. A smart watch with in-built maps, or one that links to a smart phone app can offer a perfect way to understand the course properly and get all the stats you need as you get to each hole. Some versions allow you to keep score on your smart watch as you play, which is perfect for leaving your hands free of pencils and paper.

Still on the subject of technology, how about sensors that fit into your golf clubs and allow you to analyse your game play so that you can see where you need to improve. But if golf technology seems a bit space age for your golfing friend, you could always stick with giving a simple golf umbrella.

It might sound a bit of an obvious gift, but when the clouds are looking a bit overcast, knowing you have an umbrella available means you don’t have to stop the game. So on the right day it’s really a handy piece of kit.

Looking for something much smaller? Then how about a multipurpose tool that marks and cleans balls, replaces divots and hangs around on a keychain until it’s needed. A perfect tiny golf gift that will come in really handy.