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Christmas party tips to keep the kids entertained

Let’s face it, if the kids are enjoying your Christmas party, probably everyone else will too. The last thing you want is bored teenagers on your hands, or frustrated ten year olds playing football with balloons that should be hanging up. So make preparations to ensure the children are entertained during your upcoming Christmas party. Here are some top tips:


First of all, think food. Food is a safe bet to make sure the younger ones enjoy themselves. Finger food is good, and the choice of a buffet to pick from is a great idea. Make sure you don’t put everything out at once, just in case someone else’s child decides to eat all the cocktail sausages, or fill their plate with all the crisps. Plan enough party food to have some left over, rather than not enough.

Why not put on a treasure hunt? Especially if you have a garden or space to spread out, write some clues, get them hunting, and you’ll keep them contained and engaged for a while. If it is a little rainy outside, this doesn't have to stop the fun, just equip them with a kids umbrella and let them hunt!  Be aware that any game can open you to disputes about what’s fair so set firm but simple rules to begin with, and give everyone the chance to win a prize!

How about hiring or borrowing a projector and showing a film, cinema style. Choose a film that everyone loves watching, even if they’ve seen it before. Something about a room set up as a cosy cinema is a surefire way of keeping kids engaged for an hour or two. Add a few authentic details - popcorn and cinema drinks - rather than making it look like a last minute thought.

Why not cover a wooden floor in paper - newspaper or a roll of decorator's lining paper - and invite the kids to create a massive artwork. The physicality of working on a big scale is really engaging, and open to team work. Provide crayons, pens, glue and things to stick. Why not sketch out an enormous Christmas tree on the floor and get them to decorate it in their way?

Those are just some ideas. Get creative, keep it festive and with any luck, you’ll be free to have a glass of something mulled and warm in the meantime!

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