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Last-minute Christmas presents for men

Christmas day is only 12 sleeps away, and if you’re losing sleep about what presents to buy the men in your life, don’t fret. With our last-minute guide, you can buy some great stocking fillers that will be truly appreciated.



If the man your buying for is of legal age, alcohol can be a great last-minute gift. As the supermarkets get ready for the influx of Christmas shoppers, a huge range of alcohol has great offers throughout December- from gin to red wine and whiskey, there is bound to be something they will like. The added bonus is that a bottle can be picked up while you buy everything for the Christmas dinner.

Practical gifts

Practical gifts, although not as exciting as your main gifts, will be highly appreciated when the time comes to use them. As winter is set to keep us chilly for another couple of months, look to buy hats, scarves, mens umbrella's and socks to add as stocking fillers. These practical gifts will allow the guys to be protected from the elements the British weather will throw at us!

Other practical gifts can include things such as loungewear which can be worn on the special day.

For Christmas Day

When everyone is full from Christmas dinner and mulled wine it may be nice to have some games to play. Board games can be a fun way to get the family together for a few giggles and light competitive fun.

If the man you’re buying for has a PlayStation it may be worth looking at the latest releases to find a game they can play when they go to lie down after dinner. Or if they’re more of a reader, find a couple of books, either in the supermarket or in your local Waterstones, they can read before they snooze.

After the festive period

Personal grooming sets can be the perfect gift for men, which will be used after the festive period. After a lazy couple of days, over the Christmas period, it will be great for men to have something to spruce themselves up with when they are ready to go back to work. This can include beard grooming sets and shower gel sets.

With many stocking filler present ideas to choose from, they will not be disappointed.

Image credit: scott feldstein, available under creative commons. 

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