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So, why is Christmas the most wonderful time of the year?

You know that feeling when something is so cheesy it is actually cool? Or so uncool it’s actually right on trend? Christmas has this written all over it. Somehow at Christmas you end up doing a whole host of things that don’t really seem like the kind of thing you’d want to be seen doing the rest of the year, but during the Christmas season, it all makes sense.


Take Christmas Jumpers for a start. Admit it, it takes a fair amount of confidence to enjoy wearing a knitted reindeer at any time, but there’s certainly no way you’d dream of being caught like that in April! Somehow December brings out the ironic, the fun, the childlike, and the frivolity.

How about advent calendars? Be honest. Did you grow out of these or are you secretly planning to have one for yourself this year? Daily chocolate rewards aren’t necessarily the kind of behaviour you’d want your boss to know you respond to, but when it’s about marking the days leading up to December 25th, somehow it's fine.

Singing is another example. Okay, perhaps sporting events and music gigs can get you joining in, but generally speaking, community singing isn't everyone's idea of fun - until, that is, there’s the chance to join in with a few traditional carols. Dashing through the snow...

Sending cards. Even in this digital age, a lot of people still send Christmas cards. This could be the one time of the year you put pen to paper to greet friends and family. What is it about Christmas that makes it suddenly feel like the natural thing to do?

And then there's decorations - especially in the office! It makes so much sense in December to start hanging gold and silver from the ceiling and bringing whole trees indoors. There’s no reason why these things couldn’t happen in July, but when it’s Christmas, it’s practically the law.

Winter weather. Okay, so maybe we all resent the cold a little, and complain about it until the sun rears its head again in the spring, but really we love it. The chance to wrap up in a nice wooly scarf, hat and gloves, get out our favourite black umbrella and head out into the winter wonderland is actually a real treat!

So why not let your guard down this Christmas and enjoy the time of year that gives you permission to do all those things that you wouldn’t want to be caught doing for the rest of the year!


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