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What colour theme?!

In planning the look of a wedding reception, it’s always a good idea to tie together the different elements with a common factor. Having a standardised colour scheme is easy to achieve and will make a big difference. You can give the suggestion of cohesion even in an outdoor wedding by bringing all the elements together with a well-chosen accessories along the lines of a colour theme. Balloons, ribbons, flowers - even wedding umbrellas!

So what kind of things are involved in choosing the right colour theme for your wedding?

One option is to choose just one or two colours and have everything styled identically to match. If you do this, make sure the shades you choose are decided: agreeing on yellow and blue is one thing, but navy, powder blue and royal marine shades won’t always work with gold, mustard or lemon. Shades like this are especially important with the things people will be focussing on, like cravats or ties, bridesmaid dresses and balloons, so make sure these all tie in perfectly. In the outdoors, how about choosing umbrellas that blend in with the colour theme. Or if you prefer, select a contrasting white for impact, or plain black for sophistication and practicality.

Another creative choice is to think of a wider colour theme - perhaps pastel shades. A range of complementary colours could make all the difference and offer a stunning backdrop. If you go down this route, don’t hold back. Think about whether the bridesmaids could wear different shades, whether different table dressings could work well together, and whether a variety of different trimmings could blend different colours together in flowers and ribbons.

If you have a lot of colour confidence you could make a stronger statement. Wedding dresses don’t always have to be white. Colours can be bold, if you choose. Make sure you don’t make this kind of choice on a whim, but if you know it suits your personality as a couple to make courageous colour statements, why not let loose and have fun.  Umbrellas in a rainbow of colours could look beautiful and unusual in the wedding album.

Whatever you choose, make your colour theme something that makes you feel happy and says something worth remembering about who you are as a couple.

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