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Coloured Umbrellas Collaborate in Flash Mob

Flash mobs have seen a huge rise in popularity in recent years, particularly since social networking has made it easier to organise them. One famous flash mob video that has been doing the rounds on YouTube shows how a simple accessory like the humble umbrella can inject some fun and colour into an otherwise dull day.

The video was filmed in Seattle, one of the rainiest places in the United States and whereas rain often signifies grey clouds and dark skies, this video shows that using teaming bright coloured umbrellas with upbeat choreography can transform a normal street square into an epic musical stage. Using the recent Singin' in the Rain/Umbrella mix heard in the popular TV show Glee, the flash mob is reminiscent of classic musical theatre shows from the 40s and 50s. Legendary choreographer and musical director Bob Fosse has used umbrellas in his intricate dance scenes before, utilising their geometric shape to add artistic and aesthetic value. The fact that umbrellas spin in such a way make it the perfect accessory for dance numbers and in the flash mob video, it creates a kaleidoscope of colours which draws a huge audience and brings smiles to the faces of passers-by.

This flash mob video shows how simple it can be to change a rainy day accessory into something magical that can bring a smile to anyone's face.

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