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Fighting Fair: Most Common Arguments to Have Before a Wedding

All’s fair in love and wedding planning and a few arguments along the way are inevitable! But as creatures of habit, we all tend to have the same ones. And we’ve compiled a list of a few of them below:

1. The Stag and Hen Do’s: He wants to go to Vegas. You want him to go to the pub. Or preferably not out at all. Likewise, he wants you to stay close. And neither of you want to blow your budget. Or get too drunk. Or for the other one to get too drunk. And of course you both need to stay faithful... it’s easy to see how arguments can escalate when it comes to your last nights of singledom!

2. Team Effort: If the bride or groom feels like a one-man-everything-wedding-planner then things can get heated. Holding down a job, attending meetings, making big decisions and paying out mega bucks can make even the hardiest of fiancé’s feel overwhelmed and start to get a little bit frayed at the edges.

3. You Can’t Please Everyone: And trying to whilst feeling under-appreciated can feel infuriating. There are often 3 or more generations involved in a wedding and high volumes of people each with differing personal relationships with the bride and groom. It’s a lot of human nature to juggle and it can understandably cause a bit of friction.

4. Money Talks: An obvious one and one we suspect only the very rich and famous don’t quibble over – price. Everything is expensive around weddings and with the average cost of hosting one reaching well into the tens of thousands, where and when to scrimp and save can cause an argument or two.

5. Guest List Grudges: To invite or not to invite? That is the question. Aunties, Uncles, friends and children – it’s easy to see why, particularly when budget is stretched, how this might cause a heated discussion or two.

6. Pushy Parents: Lastly, the unwelcome over-involvement of pushy parents when it’s your day to enjoy can be most unwelcome.

We have so much to thank modern society for – but arguments that in the grand scheme of things matter very little is not one of them! If you can when it comes to the wedding, chill out, relax, and keep the loving gaze of your other half as all the de-stressing you need.

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