There’s a certain irony of a didn’t-quite-make-it-guest being affronted you’re not inviting them to your wedding, then changing your mind and inviting them, only to have them complain about something. Be it fury, disdain or disappointment – you’re not going to be happy. One of the most common issues with weddings, especially now, is their cost – and these common guest complaints below may just provide you with the fuel you need to cut down that guest list and save those pennies – after all, do you want a guest that’s going to complain in attendance on your big day?

Whine 1: No Plus 1

Although a +1 is the norm, it isn’t mandatory, plus for families it’s not fair to assume kids are invited too. If the reception is paid for, the cost of kids can cause this bill to rise to astronomical proportions. Indicate clearly on the invites who is invited and whether or not a +1 is accounted for.

Whine 2: No Time With The Happy Couple

As the bride or groom your wedding day is going to go by in a flash. Over in a heartbeat, it’s easy to end up not spending time with certain guests – but if you decide on a receiving line to combat this problem and everyone has to queue up to say congratulations it can be both time consuming and tedious. Granted this guest is getting a free day out… but doing the rounds at dinner, visiting each table of guests during the meal can often work as a better preventative measure.

Whine 3: Weather Warnings

You and your other half are not omnipotent beings - you can’t control the weather. You can plan for all eventualities though – so bring fans in case you get a roasting hot day, blankets if things get a little chilly and wedding umbrellas should things get a little damp. They needn’t be expensive. Then there’s no reason to complain… whatever the outfit.

Whine 4: Boredom

Posing for photos admittedly is a lot more fun than watching others pose for photos. Make the waiting a little less painful (and allow yourself more time in the limelight guilt-free) by having some food and drinks available whilst you nab various guests for their photo ops.

Whine 5: No Open Bar

The general consensus seems to be that cash bars are a no no. However, weddings aren’t cheap and by the time you’ve forked out for the dress, the venue, the reception, the food, the flowers, the invites, the rings, the hen do’s AND the honeymoon… surely you should be forgiven if the alcohol is one cost you have to limit. Stipulate clearly the alcohol policy – a good solution can be to provide some, but not all.

A wedding should be a joyous occasion, but don’t forget you and your other half are the priority! For the sake of a few extra precautionary steps though, you can save any annoyances and keep the day as pure and as perfect as in your wildest dreams.