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The Compact Umbrella Vs The Golf Umbrella

Catching your umbrella in an inconveniently placed bush, spending ages trying to infuriatingly turn your umbrella outside-in and realising your umbrella is leaking, and soaking your pristinely straightened hair are scenarios us Brits know well. That’s why it is really important to choose your umbrella correctly. Here’s a few pointers to help you out:

Black and white umbrella

The size of your umbrella is one of the most important umbrella decisions to make. Whilst many men opt to carry a large ‘golfing umbrella,’ women often choose an umbrella that is more compact in size. But which umbrella provides the best protection?

The Compact Umbrella
Whether placed in a handbag, a coat pocket or in to a trolley, compact umbrellas are small and convenient and aren’t annoying to carry around. With this in mind you are less likely to get caught in the rain, as your compact umbrella can be taken anywhere with minimal hassle.

Compact umbrellas are easy to open and even easier to close, and you can literally shake off the rain and put the umbrella away – they are that simple.

The downside to compact umbrellas however, is that they are usually flimsy and are easy to break. These little umbrellas struggle under tough weather conditions and will often let you down. However, all is not lost!

Compact umbrellas are perfect for short periods of time, like running out to the car, or walking a short distance to a local shop. They are usually very cheap, ranging in price from around £4.00 - £6.00 in most high street stores and are often disposable too.

The Golf Umbrella
The ‘golfing umbrella’ is a master above all umbrellas. If you like big sized items then this is the umbrella for you! ‘Golfing umbrellas’ are usually stronger than compact umbrellas as they are manufactured with stronger, sustainable materials and are designed for better protection against wet-weather days.

As the name suggests golf umbrellas were designed for golfers, who were standing around in the rain, waiting to take their next shot. This type of umbrella was built to withstand the rain and wind for long periods of time, which makes them a great umbrella during the autumn and winter months.

The downside to this over-sized umbrella is that they are a pain to carry. They are noticeably heavier than the compact umbrella and although this makes the type a sturdier choice during blustery days,  having to hold the umbrella when the sun finally arrives, can prove to be a bit of a struggle.

Golf umbrellas are known for beating, hitting, scratching and breaking human beings and other umbrellas. Due to their size, these umbrellas are difficult to avoid, especially in crowded places, resulting in a few, unwanted dirty looks, from compact brolly users. Don’t let this put you off however! A protective umbrella like this means you are a lot more likely to remain dry than a compact brolly user, so their dirty looks are most probably looks of jealousy.

Both the compact and the golf umbrella have positive and negative features so we understand that choosing the perfect umbrella for you is a tricky decision to make. If you’re lacking inspiration or need a little extra help then pop on over to our website for our wonderful range of umbrellas. And if you fancy something a little bit different, check out our heart shaped umbrella whilst you are there.

Image: Shaylor available via Creative Commons

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