What’s not to love about confetti? Whether you’re having a traditional top hat and tails wedding ceremony, or the most unconventional reception; somewhere along the line people will probably enjoy showering the happy couple with something like confetti.

These attempts aim to replicate that iconic moment that seems like it should be part of every big marriage occasion as the happy couple take their first steps outside with a shower of pretty colours. Celebrating the bride and groom with colourful paper shapes, rice, petals or whatever alternative you choose, can be a great photo opportunity that you don’t want to miss!

So what’s the protocol for confetti and what do you need to know?

It has been traditional for wedding guests to bring their own confetti to weddings, but as this isn't such a prominent tradition today, you may need to provide your own if you're dead set on being showered with colourful confetti. Some venues prefer not to have confetti on their premises because of the mess it can make. Remember, if you’re hiring a building, someone has to clean up after you. Not only that, but some confetti can be harmful to the environment and dangerous to wildlife, so you may want to be sure your confetti is 100% biodegradable. Just contact your venue beforehand to double check that confetti is allowed, 9/10 you will be absolutely fine!

Some couples choose to supply their own confetti for guests to throw, that way the colours can be chosen to fit with the theme or scheme of the wedding day, and you can create your unique moment for the wedding photographs. Think about using natural rose petals for a beautifully decadent and biodegradable alternative to old fashioned confetti. Some companies grow flowers for this purpose, allowing you to order colours to mix and match so that you can achieve the scheme you’re after. You can choose dried flowers or even natural wheat sheaves as an alternative.

If you want to create a really natural look for your wedding confetti photo shoot, it might be worth explaining to the guests the best way to throw. (Hint: high up into the air at just the right moment, rather than chucking a handful in someone’s face.) That way, it will twirl and flutter as it should.

So there you are, some great confetti-themed suggestions for your wedding day, and if you're not in the mood for confetti on the day or don't want the confetti to tamper with your hairstyle, don't forget to bring a wedding umbrella!