It’s happened. You’ve finally taken the plunge and the countdown to the wedding has begun. How exciting. Here are a few of the top tips we’ve come up with that could be helpful at a moment like this.


Number one

If possible, don’t rush. Ideally you need plenty of time to do this right. For a start, you might want to spend a day or a week, or even a whole month just taking in the moment before the mad rush begins. Enjoy being a newly engaged couple because very soon things will take on a life of their own and they won’t stop until your honeymoon is over. Trust us. So, go out for that intimate dinner, take long walks together – and if it’s raining bring along your trusty black umbrella - show off the ring, have an engagement party and don’t put yourself under any pressure to start the wedding machine in motion just yet.

Number two

Stop hanging around, you have a wedding to plan! Only joking. But when you're good and ready, sit down together and work out what secret expectations you have between you and your partner. If you don't ask your other half directly, you might not find out before it’s too late that they were hoping to elope, or that he or she has always wanted a winter wedding. This is the time to get out in the open anything you and your partner had secretly been hoping for or planning all along.

Number three

Depending on what you’ve discovered your wedding needs to involve, you can map out your timescale all the way to the day at a manageable pace. You might find out it can happen as soon as possible, or that you need an extra few months’ preparation tacked on so that you can book the sought-after venue of your dreams.

Number four

If you already know who you’re going to be choosing for bridesmaids, ushers, a best man, or a maid of honour, why not let them know sooner rather than later? It can be so useful to have friends around at a time like this, enjoying the anticipation, and even helping with a few jobs here and there. Let your friends and family share in this occasion where it feels right to do so, and you might just ease the burden of preparation a little.

Most of all, remember, this is a special and wonderful time in your life. Enjoy being engaged!