At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show French company Wezzo launched their new device, ‘Oombrella.’ With its colourful hues of iridescent plastic, it surely would brighten up the gloomiest of days, but were talking about it because of what it does, not what it looks like.

The umbrella is wirelessly connected to an app that runs through your tablet or smart phone, with the app letting you know if rain is going to be in your area throughout the day letting you know to grab your umbrella before you leave the house. If you happen to leave it in the coffee shop during your work break, don’t worry! Your phone will start buzzing to let you know where you left it through their geo-location service.

Wezzo runs a crowd sourced weather alerts service that the information from your umbrella will contribute to, leading to more accurate forecasts.

The umbrella which was launched by the company through a Kickstarter campaign, was rather bulky when seen at the expo show, but the company reassures that a smaller more streamlined version will be released on their Kickstarter page in the near future.

With the current mixed weather we are experiencing, it’s a positive we don’t have these connected umbrellas yet, they would be buzzing non-stop!

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