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Everything you need to know about colour to co-ordinate your outfit

It probably isn’t the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning or perhaps you like to co-ordinate your outfits ready in the wardrobe, but colour coordinating your outfit can make or break your look for the day.


Believe it or not there are must-know rules when it comes to outfit colour choices. To begin with its always best to re-visit something which may look familiar from those art classes you used to sit in and not pay attention.

The colour wheel

Colour Wheel

The basic function of the colour wheel shows you what colours compliment and contract each other. A wheel made up of the basic primary colours, the secondary colours these first colours create and the tertiary colours (a mixture of a secondary colour with an adjacent primary colour). Understanding the relationships between colours can help you start to match colours together. However, caution should be taken as there are some combinations that are complimentary whilst others can completely clash.

Primary and secondary colours that sit next to each in the colour wheel are known as analogous, and these colours work particularly well with each other- but only when they are matched on the level of lightness or darkness. Colours opposite each other in the wheel are known as complimentary and these colours can be matched together to create a bold statement. It’s always best to be careful when matching these colours as certain shades will definitely not look good with each other.

General rule of thumb is to have no more than three colours in your outfit, so make sure to choose three colours you want to match within your outfit. Any more than this can start to become overcomplicated and look a bit messy. You can start off with starting with two main colours and introducing a third colour through your accessories like colourful umbrellas. When choosing colours in your outfit make sure to pick the right colours that are complimentary to your skin tone and colouration.

Monochromatic effects are always a safe option, you can work with layering lighter and darker shades of the same colour for a great outfit combination.

By sticking to these simple colour rules you are bound to have great outfits every single day!

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