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Coping with the uninvited rain on your wedding day

Due to our great British weather, your wedding day does not mean you will have perfect weather, even when there is a forecast of clear blue skies!

It always good to have a Plan B in place so you can be prepared and cope with any eventuality. Take a look below for some of our top tips on coping with the uninvited rain on your wedding day:

Umbrellas at the ready:

You might have been checking and re-checking the weather forecast every hour leading up to the day, so be sure to be prepared with some high quality umbrellas which you can buy at Jolly Brolly, as well as those waterproof ponchos all festival goers love!

High spirits:

If the happy couple stays in high spirits, it will help keep the guests in a good mood and everyone will feel like they can handle anything – even a drop of rain. If everyone is not in the right mood, bad weather can make things worse. Make sure people have a smile on their face.

Rain policies from service providers:

If you are having the ceremony, meal or reception outside, be sure to ask all the service providers, from the venue, caterers and even your band, what their plans are if the weather turns, as this can help you plan for what you will need to do with the guests.

Take it as it comes:

Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life, and it is best to just take whatever upsets might come, whether it is the rain, or even the flowers not being delivered on time. It is difficult to make it completely perfect, so make the most of the happy celebration.

Your wedding will reflect the marriage – upsets are OK:

The wedding is just the start of the marriage, and a few upsets are not a big deal in the long run of what will no doubt be a very happy and loving marriage. There will be ups and downs – a perfect reflection of married life!

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