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Couples are bringing the newest technology to their nuptials

We always want to know the latest wedding trends, what is popular with the brides, the best way to spend the stag and hen dos and what way the couple can make their day extra special and unforgettable for their guests.

A couple in America recently brought their wedding flying into becoming the most high-tech event ever. Drones flew overhead, monitors tracked the heartbeat of the bride and groom, and a Go-Pro camera was tucked into the wedding bouquet. There was robot bartenders and plenty of selfie sticks for the guests.

It is not just this wedding that has all the high-tech gadgets, as 3-D printing companies have said that more people are asking for 3-D printed wedding toppers. That is definitely a way to make your day unique and special, and what is great about 3-D technology is that it can make any shape you want.

Another big wedding technology trend that is taking off is drone photography, as couples can see their wedding from a different angle. It is not just the bride and groom who are enjoying this new trend as guests are able to become a bigger part of the wedding.

However, a lot of this tech for your wedding adds up the cost, and busts the budget, but there are always ways you can make your day unique and memorable.

And if you want to stay dry on your wedding day – there is always a chance with the British weather – you don’t need fancy technology, just a wedding umbrella from Jolly Brolly.

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