We don't actually know what every one of our umbrellas gets up to when it leaves our warehouse, but some of you are kind enough to show us how creative you can be with our Jollybrollys.One popular use for our Jollybrollys is in theatre productions, singing in the rain,  Aladin and many others.  The image provided is from "Alice's Adventures" at The Court Theatre, Tring, Hertfordshire.  A community theatre run completely by volunteers.  The have creatively used our umbrellas to make toadstools which we think look FAB!!  Pictured is Clive Goodall playing the Caterpillar.  Find out more about them here

We've also had cub packs and schools using these for creative art classes asking the children to paint them with acrylic paints to make their own design and use to walk to and from school in the autumn and winter months.
If you get creative with your new umbrella purchases then please do tell us what you've been up to and send us your pics.