When planning a wedding, the guest list is usually the first thing that people will think of. Ultimately it will determine every other factor of the wedding. The more people attending the wedding, the more everything will cost.

If you are having trouble cutting your guest list down as the venue you want only holds 150 but your list is already at 250, then rest assured that this dilemma is very common!

Luckily there some painless solutions that will help you crop the list without hurting anyone's feelings… Hopefully...

Create Two Lists

One list containing the must-haves. These are people you just can't imagine not being at your wedding, like your family and close friends. These people will receive your first round of invitations. Anybody not essential (and by that we don't mean people you don't like) should be added onto a separate list. These are the people you would enjoy at your wedding but if there is just not the room then it's okay to skip past them. Plus ones are often on these types of lists as well as work colleagues.

Set Some Rules

The simplest way to start cutting down a list is to set some firm rules and real stick to them. You will have to fairly ruthless but it's will be easier in the long run and hopefully avoid any potential dramas. Firstly leave off anyone that you or your partner hasn't spoken to in at least three years. This mean old high school friends, second and third cousins. If there is anyone on your list who is only included because you feel guilty about leaving them off (maybe you were previously invited to their wedding), cut them! You shouldn't feel like you “owe” them an invited. It’s your day and you should be allowed to be surrounded by friends and family you you really want to be there.

Adults Only?

Not all that keen about inviting kids to the party? Don't feel bad about have an adult only wedding. So many couples decide to go down this route whether it's the budget, a special issue or just more a matter of atmosphere. Some guests might not like this idea as they will have to arrange a babysitter so if you need to, call and explain the reasonings behind it.

Be Firm On Plus-Ones

When it comes to plus - ones, things can get a little dicey. Offer plus ones to anyone who is married, engaged, lives together or is in a serious long-term committed relationship. Offer plus ones to members of the wedding party and close friends, otherwise guests who are casually dating and coworkers do not require a plus-one.