It’s the day of your summer wedding, everyone has gathered, your dress is on point and then the heavens decides to open and starts pouring with rain!

Even though summer is often the most popular time for a wedding none of them are immune to weather problems. Unfortunately it's not anything you are able to control or predict far in advance either.

So, get ready for some last minute preparations if you see any rain, storms or even heatwaves brewing just in time for your big day!


Planning ahead for rain is often near impossible but you should always approach your chosen venue with a contingency plan right from the get-go. Ideally it's best to have a rain location already worked out if possible.

Not everyone however may be thinking of a plan B, don't worry as there are many other things you can do to alleviate problems of rain.

If it's looking like rain is for sure going to bombard your special day there are way in which you can embrace it. Go out and buy match wellington boots and umbrellas for your wedding party. Yes this isn't the look you probably had envisioned but you will get some quirky and unique photographs out of it.

It shouldn't be too hard to find wellies in a store near you but if you are in need of some umbrellas in a short space of time here at JollyBrolly if you order before midday you will get next day delivery… Perfect!

For the rest of your guests put together a quick call list of phone numbers just to inform everyone of the weather situation. Apologise for the inconvenience and inform them that they will need to wear more appropriate shoes and coats.

This is a very time consuming task but your guests will for sure appreciate the heads up.


Now this one probably won't come very often but if there is a chance of an intense heatwave on the day of your summer wedding there are a few things you can do to eliminate the chance you look like you just went swimming during the ceremony.

There is only one route you should go down and that is fans, and a lot of them. Buy them in bulk and have them scattered around. You could even purchase each guests a small handheld fan if it fits into your budget.

Unfortunately, it seems to be common that guests forget all about hydration during a wedding. If it's looking rather warm have plenty of bottles of water around either on tables or in a bucket full of ice ready for use.

Another unfortunate situation with warmer weather is bugs. Yes sorry to say but warm weather comes along with a lot more flying insects. Try putting out bug lamps and even maybe providing bug spray for guests just to ensure there will be none in sight.   


Sudden summer storms are pretty much what we can see as the worst case scenario for weather on your wedding day. These torrential downpours can flood an area before you even have time to react.

If it gets too windy or even thunder and lightning the best thing you can do is to get you and your guests into an indoor location as quick as possible.

If the forecast has suddenly changed on the morning of or the day before, it's best to start contacting your venue and vendors as soon as you can see plans start to change. Most locations should have some sort of alternative for you as they will have probably been in a similar weather dilemma before.

If plans are changing ring round to your guests and even your vendors with as much time as you can give them.