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Decorating for your garden wedding

If you’re the kind of couple who loves the outdoors, then think seriously about an outdoor setting for your wedding reception. There’s nothing worse than being stuck inside on a beautiful day when you’d really love to be in the fresh air, making the most of the sunshine.

You don’t even need a remote place or a hired location. What about a garden - whether yours or a friend’s? Even if you’re tying the knot in the UK in the spring or autumn months, there are still plenty of creative ways you can enhance your environment to lay on a beautiful and memorable garden reception.


First, think about how to make the decoration complement the outdoor setting. String up some fairy lights, both white and coloured, choose tables that are natural and rustic rather than formal and corporate. Drape romantic fabrics of cream or ivory over whitewashed wood, and dress up fold-up chairs with coordinating colours of cushions and ribbons. Flowers and candles are going to be a big help in tying together your outdoor surroundings with the table wear. Whether fresh or dried, go for colours that blend well with any theme you’ve chosen for the wedding, and that look at home in the garden surroundings.


Make the wedding food stands out, but also fits in with the rustic, Bohemian outdoor setting – why not try a hog roast instead of a formal dinner? Place some beautiful platters that will draw the eye and be an inviting centrepiece. Keep things simple but stunning. If you have a friend with an eye for design, why not rope them in so that you can be certain of creating an attractive setting?


What do you mean, it’s bound to rain? If there is rain on the horizon, you could have a few wedding umbrellas on hand to rescue the guests in the event of a passing shower. Umbrellas could even double up as props for the wedding photography. White will enhance the classic wedding shots, but you could equally go for a range of seasonal colours to coordinate with your bridesmaids.


Remember the brickwork and stone setting of your garden wedding too. Using subtle browns or greys among the flowers will help to tie the table decor in with the architectural surroundings for a subtle way to create an underlying sense of texture and beauty.

You can be certain that a garden wedding or reception will be classy and memorable, whether you serve a light buffet or a four-course lavish meal. Just make it your own.

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