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The Best Diet to Have in the Run-up to the Wedding

Here’s the thing. You’ve chosen your wedding breakfast; picked out the cake; selected the table snacks for the evening do and the bespoke individually wrapped wedding favours. But what about the food, glorious food, you’ll be eating at the other key moments around your wedding day?


Let’s take dress shopping for example. Who wants to feel bloated and uncomfortable when they’re standing in front of the mirror in five different gowns? So don’t stop off at the coffee shop and fill up with cake before you hit the dress shop! How about some yoghurt and fruit to slip down easily and help aid your digestion, when you’re tired and excited all at once? A light breakfast is definitely the best idea here!

But remember that when you go for dress fittings, you don’t want to have to starve yourself to be true to that dress you want to fit into. So, don’t stop eating or try anything extreme. Just eat a balanced diet, with portions that help to satisfy but not to make you over full.

Now let's talk about alcohol! You’ll probably have a few celebrations leading up to the wedding - including the hen party - but you need to get straight back on track the morning after so you don’t fall behind with the wedding plans. Drink plenty of water, and even consider having a glass of water with every glass of pink champagne, or just substitute soft drinks along the way. The morning after try not to go for a leftover curry. Green leafy vegetables really will help the detox. Not glamorous, but true!

What about food that makes your skin look great for the photos? You’ll want food that is nutritious, such as fresh oranges and vegetables. Also anti-inflammatory foods, such as oily fish and nuts. In addition to loads of water! Obviously, the health benefits of these will stack up over the weeks and months, so start early and keep it up.

Finally, the one we haven’t mentioned: chocolate. Relax, it's ok. Here's the rule: treat yourself now and then, and don’t get hung up on avoiding your favourite snacks. Food is medicine for the soul, as well as the body.

If you want more advice for your wedding, from picking the right wedding umbrellas to styling your hair and more, be sure to read the rest of our blog!

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