We love umbrellas, in all shapes and sizes, so when we found out about a woman who has set up a Facebook page that is dedicated to sharing the troubles of discarded umbrellas by offering up fictional back stories and providing them with names, we simply had to share it with you!

A multi-coloured umbrella from Jollybrolly

Nottingham-based Edie Beehiven, set up the page to highlight how items, such as brollies, are disposable, via posts and pictures with a creative description to boot.


You can find the page on Facebook under the name Parapluie, which translates to umbrella in French. The parody page was created to show the objects which Edie, a burlesque performer, said are 'abused and used during service' only to be ditched by their owner to 'roam alone'.


Edie said that she made the page so that she could create 'consciousness' for the inanimate objects.


When speaking to FEMAIL, Edie said: 'The page was created from the disposable realism that we live in.


'The umbrella in particular has such a short, demanding existence, expelled into the world to roam alone.’


We think this is a great page for raising the profile of the often underappreciated work that brollies do, but when you order cheap umbrellas from us you won’t be discarding them anytime soon!