In the whole exciting and creative world of wedding planning, where questions of dresses and cakes and receptions and honeymoons are being discussed all the time, we actually may have a list here of some essential things you almost overlooked!


These are factors that could make all the difference when you look back, but you may never have thought of them before. And they’re all about wedding photography. Here are three major tips you’ll definitely thank us for.

First. You know that really special family heirloom - the pearl necklace, the statement brooch, the lace handkerchief or the exquisite ring that your granny left you and you’re planning to wear on your wedding day? It might not be worth lots of money, but it might have a deep significance to you. Make sure you tell your wedding photographer beforehand. How will she know to focus in on that for a key memorable shot for posterity unless you’ve mentioned it?

Second. You know that awkward family relationship everyone in the family has got used to stepping around, not mentioning, and naturally finding ways to avoid certain combinations of people at annual events. Yes, that one. Let your wedding photographer know if parents are no longer together, or if setting up a group photo with that particular auntie or uncle involved is going to be just plain inappropriate. Families are full of these situations. It's no big deal. But say something.

Third. Is there anything you or your family and friends will have made especially for the day? Of course the photographer will know to make a big deal of the cake and the dress. That's obvious. But did your best friend also hand carve your ice sculpture centrepiece? Or did that arrangement of flowers take your neighbour all week? Mention it to your wedding photographer so that he can get the shot. If you don’t do it before the day, the album might feel incomplete.

Basically, remember that some aspects of your wedding have particular significance to you that the general public might not have known about. Let your photographer in on the secret, and they can make sure they get the images that are personally important to you. If you don’t, it could be something you always wish you’d mentioned.