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DIY Part 2: What to Do, and What to Avoid

We had a great response to our DIY post last week which suggested some wonderful ideas for wedding food from the brilliant Buzzfeed that you can implement for a fraction of the average £3,959 cost of wedding catering. Catch up with those ideas here – and read on for more!

Below we’ve taken information from top wedding community The Knot about the components of a wedding they’d recommend doing yourself should you be looking to save money, and other components of a wedding they'd recommend you outsource to the professionals.

DO Your Own Make Up

Hiring a makeup artist not only for you but also your bridesmaids can come in at a crippling final cost. So even if you’re no expert with makeup, there are an abundance of helpful hair and makeup tutorials available on the Internet (we know – we’ve tried them) that give helpful, easy-to-understand, actionable advice. Additionally, YouTube is full of videos about bridal makeup specifically too – so it can be a good thing to learn and ultimately DIY on the day. Other benefits are enjoying a bit of privacy whilst applying your makeup on your wedding morning because, let’s face it – it’s going to get busy!

DO Your Own Wedding Favours

We have seen so many wedding favours that are extremely cost-efficient. Little “hangover kits”, boxes of chocolates, photo frames or wedding umbrellas with the date on all make for great DIY options that can save your precious pounds and not take up too much of your time.

DO Your Own Weather Insurance

You knew we were going to include this! Paying for additional venue space or a marquee can be another cost that you simply don’t need. Our wedding umbrellas are very cost effective and you can get some for your guests from just £7.99 each.

DON’T Take Your Own Photos

The photos are your most precious memories of the day and one of the only visuals you can look back on forever. Sometimes a selfie just won’t cut it… and your wedding day is one such time. Additionally, the headache of trying to coordinate everyone is one you just don’t need. So enjoy yourself - and hire a photographer.

DON’T Do Your Own Music

Although the iPod is arguably one of the finest inventions of recent years, it’s unlikely to be able to handle a whole wedding! Coordinating songs, choices and the orders in which they play along with any surprise technical hitches makes outsourcing the music something we – and The Knot – would recommend.

DON’T Bake Your Own Cake

However much you enjoy eating raw cake mix and however easy Mary Berry makes it look, traditional wedding cakes tend to be so intricately designed that they’re incredibly hard to replicate. We’ve seen weddings that simply buy in beautiful cupcakes which we love as an idea! But otherwise, if you’re opting for tradition – we’d outsource this one too.

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