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Our Quick DIY Fix for a Broken Umbrella

Battling your way through the rain to work in the winter is enough to dampen even the brightest of spirits. By the time you get in your umbrella is most likely in pieces and you’re probably soaked through - not the best way to get into the holiday spirit if you ask us!


Most of us have a go-to ‘cheap as chips’ umbrella that we picked up on a street corner somewhere when the heavens decided to open up unannounced. They’re usually small and portable but not typically made of sturdy stuff. It’s common place in the UK to see broken brollies crammed in the bin or on the side of the road but it doesn’t need to be this way!


Of course the best way to avoid such a disaster is to do your research (or ask some trusty experts - we’re always free for a call… yes that is a shameless plug) and invest in a top quality umbrella.


BUT if you already have a trusty go to umbrella that has just been pushed one shower too far, don’t worry you may still be able to fix it!


More often than not, when an umbrella breaks it’s the little rivets that hold the ribs together which fail. Handily all you need to fix this is some enamelled wire (so it doesn’t rust) and a pair of good scissors. With a spare 5 minutes you can keep your trusty brolly around a little bit longer!


Make sure you have at least 6 inches of wire so you are not caught short. It should me a medium width. Not too thick that you can’t feed it through the rivet holes easily and not too thin that it isn’t strong enough to hold the umbrella together. Simply line up the rivet holes of the damaged umbrella rib and pass the wire through. Keep looping your wire until there is no more room and you’ve created a sturdy new joint. Tie off using a double sailor’s knot and tuck in any loose ends and you’re done!


Not only will you feel like an absolute pro with your quick fix but your umbrella is now good as new and ready to brave the Great British weather once more!


Take a look at the full step by step instructions, here.

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