We were flabbergasted when we saw in Brides Magazine that of the wedding budget, a colossal £3,959 on average was spent on catering. That’s not even the cost of the reception – just the food! We are a greedy lot it seems.

From a quick look around we can see that things start at £35 a head at the lower range and go up to amounts that we involuntarily wince to look at…

For the £4,000 saving on wedding food or there abouts you can get yourself a damn nice holiday, even 2 or 3 depending on when and where you go. For this reason alone, it can be worth DIY’ing the food on your wedding day. And it’s not as ludicrous an idea as you might think.

The Pros

The main pro of DIY wedding food is cost. There’s no getting around it – wedding food is extremely expensive.

The Cons

Doing it yourself is likely to add to the pre-wedding stress, but hey – that’s what your bridemaids, his groomsmen, your family and his family are all for, is it not?!

The How

This is where it gets fun. There is a growing trend that we at Jollybrolly are very much fans of and that is to skip the formal dinner and fancy food for something far more fun-filled and fanciful. To this end Buzzfeed has some truly wonderful ideas on how you can have relaxed, fun and easy catering without spending the whole of your wedding day in a panic about the lunch… and ending up with half of it on your dress.

Spud Bar:

This is genius. You can have chips, all types of regular potato, potato salad, potato skins, potato waffles and so much more. Even hiring someone in to cook this little lot will save a fortune. It’ll be a talking point and you won’t have to worry about a kids menu either. We guarantee it will be popular!

Popsicle Bar:

Yes please. For the baking hot British summers we… occasionally… might have! Prosecco pops are popular and you can have mini ice popsicles too for those going T-total, or under the age of 18 on the day.

Smores Bar:

From a summer oasis to a winter warmer haven. This couple got it right. They had coals in the middle of their table surrounded by all the things you could ever hope to pierce with a stick and melt! Marshmallows, chocolate, biscuits and more made for this sickly sweet DIY dessert buffet.

An In’ n Out’ Bar:

We all get a bit peckish after all that celebrating… and perhaps a glass of bubbly or two. This truck drives in, serves everyone burgers and such, then drives away. No mess, no washing up and no crazy cost per head. It also eliminates another job from your very busy tasklist.

A DIY sundae station and a salsa spread were more of our favourites to crop up on this list. You can view the rest of these fantastic cost-saving DIY wedding food ideas on Buzzfeed.

And of course, if you’re looking to add a bit of cost-saving weather insurance on the big day too, don’t forget to browse our collection of wedding umbrellas.