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Buying A Wedding Gown Online: The Dos and Don’ts about Size, Style and Fabrics

Keeping costs down to a minimum is always a good choice when it comes to weddings, especially if you have big ideas in mind! Having said that, no bride wants to have to scrimp on her dress, so ordering online might be the best option. However, with so many nightmare stories making headlines about online wedding dress shopping, we’ve got some top tips for avoiding mishaps. We talk about styles, fabrics and whether you should ever order small in the hope that you’ll lose weight!

Where in the World?

One of the most important aspects of ordering online is finding out where in the world your dress will be manufactured. Some companies may trade in your country but outsource production to places like China and Taiwan. This is fine but you must allow for a few things such as delivery time, which can take a very long time - and that is assuming there are no problems with the actual making of the dress. It is good to allow between 8-12 weeks for delivery if possible.

Etsy and Ebay are great sources for relatively inexpensive online wedding dress shopping. When ordering from Ebay, it is important to ensure good communication between yourself and the manufacturer, particularly if English is not their first language. You may have many questions to ask the company and equally they should have many questions to ask you regarding size, fabric and style, so it is imperative that you feel understood before you place your order.

Fabric Fantastic?

The horror stories we have seen in the papers lately involve people receiving dresses that look absolutely nothing like the online catalogue picture. One such dress was a gorgeous lace-backed white gown which, upon arrival, was bright green and resembled something a child would wear to a princess party, with cheap-looking shiny material and no shape. Do double check the fabric with the manufacturer and request sample pieces of fabric to be sent to you so you can be sure of choosing the right one.

In terms of style, it may look great on the model but will it suit you? Just because something is a hot new trend, it does not mean it will be the dress you dreamed of when you try it on. Ensure you are choosing a dress that matches your style and personality, regardless of what’s hot and what’s not.

Sigh about Size

Possibly the most important part of buying your dress online is… the size! Making sure the designer/manufacturer has your exact measurements in every area is imperative if you are to feel comfortable. Many brides consider buying a dress a size smaller than their current weight as an inspiration to lose weight before the big day. This is a much-argued idea: some women say it’s the perfect motivation to lose those unwanted pounds and be the body shape you want to be for the dress, whereas others say that there could be absolutely nothing worse than not getting to your target weight and ending up with a dress that’s too small and a deflated ego. If you are going to order a dress that is too small, you must be sure to allow enough time for alterations to be made by a local dressmaker, should the worst happen and those pre-wedding nerves make you hit the kebab shop instead of the gym!

If you want to go for your exact size, make sure you are comfortable when taking measurements. Don’t suck your tummy in, don’t wear a padded bra and if you’re wearing contouring underwear you should wear the same pair on your wedding day. These tips will help you order the right size for maximum comfort.

Of course, most brides would love to spend hours in a bridal shop trying on dresses worth thousands of pounds, but there is no reason why you can’t spend less and get the same feeling when you put your dress on. Keep communication open between you and the online company you have chosen, and be sure to leave enough time for any issues that may arise such as delivery and sizing errors. There are many stories, some good and some bad, about ordering wedding gowns online, but the majority have good things to say. Just be sure to follow these handy tips and do your research!

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