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Are dog umbrellas the next big thing?

You always ensure to leave the house prepared to protect yourself from the any wet weather downpours with your trusty brolly, but what about your poor four-legged friend? - Left to walk along in their soggy coats with no shelter available. This could be an issue of the past with the latest creation of their very own dog umbrellas.

Perfect for those pet lovers that are not keen on the brightly coloured, waterproof dog jackets that are seen all over, this new umbrella could be the way forward if you want to avoid that nasty wet dog smell in the rainier months!

Working in a similar manner to a traditional human umbrella, the dog umbrella has a canopy suspended from a metal pole. The style is like an inside out brolly, and is a similar size to a kids umbrella, but is adapted into a slightly more oval shape to suit the longer frames of the little animals. You can hold the pet umbrella in a way very much like a lead, allowing you the option to attach the lead to the handle, ensuring that you dog does not run on ahead unprotected! This invention means that your furry friend can walk beside you, sheltered from the elements in contentment!

This trend has sparked a little interest on the social media platform Instagram, with the popularity #dogumbrella growing on a daily basis. People have commented that this is ‘the canine accessory you never knew you needed’. What do you think? Is this just a passing fad or the next big thing?

Image: yamakazz under Creative Commons

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