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The Do’s and Don’ts For Proposing This Valentines Day

Let’s be honest then. While everyone else has been recovering from Christmas indulgence and setting their sights on planning those summer holidays, your mind has been elsewhere, hasn’t it? You’ve been dealing quietly with that feeling of headiness and slight nausea mixed with deep excitement that’s a sure sign you’re thinking of proposing on Valentines Day! We’re right, aren’t we? Okay. Then let’s think seriously about this.

First of all, no need to rush things. The journey to your wedding day is important to get right. If you’re in two minds about getting married at all and just thinking it would be romantic if you’d be ready to take the plunge, now might not be the moment. As lovely as it is to propose on Valentines Day, the edge will be taken off if you find your beloved says yes, and then you discover you have terminally cold feet on February 15th. And- just in case this might be an issue for you - do NOT propose on Valentines Day just because you forgot to buy a gift! No, no, no.

But okay, let's assume you’ve been thinking about this for a while, and you know for certain this is where your relationship is headed. We’ll take it as read that February is the perfect time for the proposal and you have your head screwed on properly. Valentines Day could be the next sensible step toward the inevitable wedding. Congratulations. Three final tips.

Keep it simple, in the sense of not feeling you have to embellish the moment with a flyover from the Red Arrows and a helicopter visit from Beyonce carrying the ring. You don’t want to make this all about the trimmings with such an important question at the heart of this. Make it obvious what you’re asking so that the answer can be straightforward too. Remember, this moment is the story everyone will want to ask about on your wedding day, but only if he or she said yes.

Smile for the camera! Every proposal needs to be captured by a photo. And if your bride or groom to be is the kind of person who really cares about dressing up, make sure you’ve chosen a moment where they’re going to be wearing their favourite things for the photo.

Don’t propose in the cat food aisle of Tesco, unless that’s where you met. Better locations would include somewhere with beautiful natural scenery, or somewhere with a thematic link - like the destination they’ve always mentioned they love from a book they’ve read, or a film they watched.

However you propose, we wish you all the best and hope you get a yes!

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