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Dressing appropriately for a cold weather wedding

A wedding reflects the best part of the couple, showing their personality and style. Whether the wedding is a big, small, luxurious or low key, it is individual to the couple you are celebrating, and there might be a different way of dressing to another.

As weddings have an array of styles, and with the weather still going to be cold and windy this February, it is good to be mindful of what weather the day may bring and as such any weddings to attend may require some warmer clothes, a cocktail dress might be a bit chilly for continuing winter weather.

If there is a chance of rain, any wedding umbrellas with some frill is perfect and could double up as a parasol if there is a chance of sun. An umbrella can be as an important accessory for a winter, spring or autumn wedding.

The wedding style may also include a theme, either a particular idea or just a colour. It may help to know in advance of what will be appropriate to wear if the occasion requires something a little different. This also shows respect for the couple that you are happy to attend and celebrate in the way they want.

Photo by Tom Godber

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