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Save It For a Rainy Day

We’ve been getting our creative juices flowing this summer and have created an informative infographic we think you’ll be interested in!

Have you ever wondered about your wedding day and when would be the best time of year to get married to keep it a dry one and devoid of need to stock up on our wedding umbrellas? Well we’ve crunched the numbers and dug through the demographics to come up with the answers.

See the graphic below to learn just when you should look at having your wedding to stand the best chance of a dry day.

Worst Bet for a Dry Wedding

If you’re desperate for a dry wedding day, you might want to skip out on a Scottish one. With 3,000mm of annual rainfall, you stand a very good chance of getting wet…whilst you’re getting wed. Probability of needing a Jollybrolly wedding umbrella: 9/10.

Best Bet for a Dry Wedding

It’s familiar territory for our Jollybrolly team based in the South East of England as this area of the country gets a mere 800mm of rainfall per year. Probability of needing a Jollybrolly wedding umbrella: 3/10.

No Rain, No Shine

In alignment with the above, the annual sunshine hours across the UK also make for some interesting reading should you wish not only for a lack of rain but for the sun to have his hat on for your special day. It’s Northern Scotland again that not only has the most amount of rainfall but the least amount of sunshine – Vitamin D is certainly in the scarcest supply at the top of our little island. Wales is where the sun favours, receiving 1,700 hours of sunshine per year.

Did You Know…

We’ve also got some cool facts about rainfall and UK weather demographics.

1. Firstly, did you know that Rome, Sydney and even New York get more rain than our Capital?
2. In Suffolk, the annual rainfall has been as low as 450mm – that’s less than Jerusalem and Beirut.
3. Eastbourne in East Sussex and Bognor Regis in West Sussex lay claim to being the sunniest spots in Britain.
4. Finally, did you know you can buy a spotless wedding day? One company guarantees sun with its $100,000 cloud bursting service.

Forget Me Not

However, if the heavens do decide to open on your wedding day, remember:

1. If it weren’t for rain on your wedding day, what would Alanis Morissette have to sing about?
2. You only wear your wedding dress once, who cares if it gets a little damp?
3. Wet wedding photographs are beautiful

Worried about your wedding day weather? Worry no more! But perhaps you should stock up on some of our Jollybrolly’s just in case…

See the graphic below and should you like to embed, simple copy and paste this embed code into your website:

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