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Drone umbrellas are the new way to stay dry

Drone technology has become very popular in recent years, and it has all sorts of uses, like delivering post or taking your aerial photography at your wedding. Its innovation doesn’t end there, though, as a new umbrella drone could be the way forward to help keep you dry.

UK company Drones Direct will soon be selling the umbrella drone - which is still being tested as a concept - which hovers above your head keeping the rainy weather away. The company states the drone is perfect for walking the dog, walking to work, riding a bike or attending a sporting event.

However, all this is based on the drone functioning properly, as you still might end up getting drenched while a strange flying robotic device flies around your head.

The adapted DJI Phantom 4 drone is a hands-free device which can automatically track and follow the movements of the owner via GPS in your smartphone, hovering directly above you. The drone also has built-in collision avoidance technology so will not accidentally bump into a lamp post or wall and can operate up to 30 minutes of flight.

The umbrella has also been designed to cope with strong and unexpected gusts of wind, making it ideal to handle British weather.

Having a hands-free umbrella sounds like a great idea, meaning you can carry your shopping, a cup of coffee and even have access to your phone without having to juggle an umbrella into the equation. And at just £1,299 you can have one!

And if you don’t think the latest tech is the best way for staying dry in the unpredictable British rainy weather, just pick up some cheap black umbrellas - or any colour of the rainbow - for a low cost, quality umbrella to help you out on those rainy days!

Image by: Drones Direct

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