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Dumb Divorces: From Frozen to Guantanamo, The Weirdest Reasons People Get Divorced

Here at Jollybrolly, we love weddings and anything to do with them!  This blog, therefore, may seem a little out of the norm but we simply had to share some of these incredibly odd reasons for parting ways.  Of course, we know that most marriages are happy and long-lasting, the ones we are about to mention probably shouldn’t have happened in the first place!

Cold as Ice

As one of the most popular Disney films ever made, and with a soundtrack so catchy it hurts, Frozen has melted hearts since its release.  However, not everyone feels quite so strongly about it.  A Japanese woman filed for divorce from her husband after she discovered that he was not that bothered by the film at all.  She apparently accused him of lacking humanity for not understanding why the movie is amazing, so decided to just.. let it go! 

Pet Hate Pet Name

Some couples have adorable, if not cheesy, pet names for one another.  From pumpkin to baby, from schnukems to sweetie pie, and from darling to… Guantanamo?  Yes, it’s true, one wife decided to divorce her husband after discovering she was saved under the name ‘Guantanamo’ in his phone.  The husband claims it was to ensure privacy, and what’s more private than a prison?  However, she did not see the funny side and he is now serving time as a singleton.

Clean up Your Act

How many wives have dreamed of their husbands taking the reigns when it comes to household cleaning?  Well, one man’s incessant cleaning drove his wife mad and, after fifteen years of marriage, she decided that a few germs and a bit of dust would make her happier than him!  Why was she so keen to get rid of him?  He knocked down an entire wall in their home because it was ‘too dirty’!

Living in the Past

A 99-year old Italian man discovered secret love letters between his 96-year old wife and her former flame.  He decided he could not live with the knowledge of her infidelity and divorced her.  Why has this seemingly simple tale made our list of weird divorces?  Because the letters were from the 1940s!  Even after sixty years of happy marriage, it was too late for apologies.

Feline Fine

It has long been a stereotype of older unmarried women that they are surrounded by feline friends which signal the move into full on ‘cat lady’ territory, but it looks like one woman only became divorced after the cats had arrived!  After moving 550 cats into the home she shared with her husband, one wife from Israel sent her other half crazy until he decided enough was enough and left her.  He said there was no room on the bed for him to sleep and she simply refused to get rid of them, so he decided to let one of his nine lives go and move on.

Of course, we don’t like to talk about divorce since we are so preoccupied with helping people plan and celebrate their weddings, but these tales of ridiculous separation will hopefully lead some happy couples to remember how strong their love is.  Perhaps some of these couples should have talked a little bit more before making the leap into married life, or at least watch Frozen together before getting engaged!

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