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Easy, and Cost-Effective DIY Centrepieces

Sites such as and BuzzFeed are fast becoming some of our favourite publications when it comes to inspiration and how to make cost-savings (minus any compromise) for your wedding day. And once more, have outdone themselves with these ingenious, yet simple DIY centrepieces, because - let’s be honest - if you’re looking to save money on the cost of your wedding, the reception centrepieces are a relatively unimportant thing that can go!

Wine Glass Genius

We thought this idea was so clever we have shared it to our social media pages as well as on the blog. Simple yet elegant, take a few wine glasses, turn them upside down and place a flower (in this example a dandelion) in each. Then, on the base of the upturned wine glasses put a pillar candle and light it. The effect is beautiful and you can see it in this design along with a tutorial if you click the link, though with the picture the design is pretty self explanatory.

Pebble Perfection

When it comes to cost, this DIY centrepiece takes first prize. All that’s needed to create the clever design is some pebbles, and some glass candle holders. Fairy lights are placed in the glass holders and lit, pebbles are then placed decoratively around. And that’s it – voila! A beautiful centrepiece full of light and low on cost.


One clever bride simply bought some pineapples, sliced off the top and inserted some bright and colourful flowers. Simple and genius! And we bet it’s effective too, not to mention tasty if you run short of refreshments.

We All Fall Down

You can’t get more cost effective than an old tissue box – this bride painted hers in a pretty metallic colour, tied a bow around it and put in some soil and flowers. The result is beautiful – and makes for a perfect centrepiece on your wedding day.

The Perfect Note

This is a wonderful idea for those couples as in love with music as much as they are each other. A sheet of music, wrapped up like a scroll with a pretty bow around was one couple’s choice of centrepiece. And we bet it was music to the guest’s ears!


If you and your guests fancy a trip down memory lane, some print outs of photographs can be a great talking point and start some laughs among friends and relatives too.

If you divide necessary and unnecessary expenses when it comes to your wedding day, centrepieces are one that can be DIY’d to great effect, and save some valuable pennies and pounds for your bank balance… and maybe the honeymoon!

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