It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so why not make it even better and tie the knot too. A wedding at Christmas is the perfect way to show off your personality and give your guests the greatest Christmas party ever.

So if you are thinking next year you should get married at Christmas here are some ideas to give you a day no one will forget.

Winter Floral Crowns

Looking for that perfect festive piece then Etsy is your place to be. Winter floral crowns are the perfect addition to any wedding dress. With so many festive colours such as red, white and gold incorporated in many different designs it will complement the winter theme faultlessly.

Spreading Christmas Cheer Everywhere

When it comes to good table decorations it’s all in the little details, when your big day takes place during the most decoration-friendly time of the year, there is no point in holding back.

Give your guests something to talk about during those awkward few moments at the shared tables, include fake snow, candy canes and just sprinkle glitter everywhere.

Embrace The Season's Decorations

There is nothing more magical than a Christmas tree, your venue of choice might already have an impressive one up all ready for the season which makes your job much easier. Ask your venue about their plans for decorations early so you can work around theirs to make sure nothing clashes and you don't buy things that they already have.

Yule Log Over Fruit Cake Any Day

Who actually likes fruitcake anyway? So why not trade in tradition and have a yule log instead, not only is it a Christmas classic but will please a lot more of your guests, especially the younger ones.

Celebrate With Sparklers Instead Of Confetti

Confetti can get tedious and very messy so let your guests light the way (literally) with some sparklers. Adding this effect will not only look great in photos but also with it being winter it gets dark so much earlier so even the kids can join in with this one.

Bring The Outside In

In some countries having clean white snow on your wedding day in the winter can be easily done but here in the UK, it's a lot less predictable so we have to create it ourselves. Design your own winter wonderland with trees, fairy lights, fake snow and wooden features to really bring the woodland inside.

Go Fairy Light Mad!

There is nothing quite like walking into a wedding reception and being greeted by a room full of tealights, fairy lights and candles. The softer lighting is a lot more flattering for photos and especially at this time of year makes the whole room that bit more magical.

Wear A Dress Straight From A Fairytale

Every girl wants to feel like a princess on their wedding and at Christmas if anything you can get away with more sparkles and diamonds compared to other times of the year. You can also get winter shawls and jackets made with fur in order to keep yourself warm in the colder evenings.

Recreate Christmas Markets

With this, you can go as low key or grand as you please. Hire out a German band and serve fresh pretzels at the reception (perfect also for lining them stomachs). You can even set up a stall outside giving out Bratwurst Sausages, roasted chestnuts and mulled wine...You honestly couldn't get more Christmassy if you tried.

Serve Tiny Festive Food

These can also double up as your wedding favours too. Giveaway mini mince pies, Christmas cookies and Gingerbread men. If you have a lot of kids coming to your wedding give them a gingerbread decorating table so it can keep them entertained and it means they are able to take home their handy work too.