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Easy Steps To Curating A Totally 'You' Wedding

Whose wedding is this? That’s right. It’s yours! In deciding to get married, you and your partner are ready to lay some strong foundations for a long and happy life together. So it’s worth starting out from the beginning with a collaborative approach to your wedding planning.

First step is communication. Do you know what they’re hoping for on the big day? Have you any idea whether they’re the kind of person who wants top hat and tails and a rose garden photoshoot, or whether they have a secret dream of leaving the evening event in a converted ice cream van? You probably should talk about that kind of thing sooner rather than later. Make it a fun time. Grab a bottle of wine and go somewhere special to lay out your thoughts. Find out where they overlap. You may be surprised.

Think a bit deeper too. What are your shared values? Will it be a church wedding? Have you thought about what feels important to you about the songs and the ceremony? if you’ve never asked yourself these questions before, now is the time. You can always get inspiration by asking around and chatting to friends who have recently tied the knot. It’s not just any old day you’re planning, it’s your wedding.

If you’re feeling imaginative, you might want to come up with ideas that carry a unique symbolism for you. Do you have pets that you want to incorporate in the wedding party? What about beloved family members from years past who might have left jewels or artefacts that could be there on the day. Perhaps you want to create a slideshow of snaps from both your childhoods, mingling them to show two different stories that have come together.

To make the day really special and unique, you’ll probably want to write your own vows. Think about what this marriage means to you, and write it in your own words. If you're really stuck you can borrow other people’s thoughts and ideas, but what about starting with yours. Even if it doesn’t make it into the final draft, try scribbling your deepest loving thoughts about the person you’re about to marry and see what poetry tumbles out. 

It’s your wedding day. So make it your own!

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