Whether you are the hosts or guests of honour, here is everything you need to know about an engagement party.



What is it for?

People will want to wish you congratulations on your engagement, and of course we all know that throwing a party is a lot of fun! This is a prime time to introduce key people from your close lives who will be spending a lot of time with each other in the future. Also, this is the first time before the wedding when you will have different groups of friends and generations really getting to know each other in a much more intimate way.

Who Hosts?

When it comes to tradition is usually the bride's parents who host the first official celebration, but it can be down to the grooms family, or even both sets of parents can combine and throw it together. However it has become a more modern affair that the couples are now throwing the engagement party themselves. Friends and other family members often help out with the planning and to take the pressure off the happy couple a little, it all depends on who really wants to host the party, especially as whoever hosts usually foots the bill too!

When to Have it?

Of course it is completely down to you when you wish to have the party but usually it should fall within a few months of the proposal, right in the sweet spot between carefree, just engaged life and the start of serious wedding planning. You will however want to give guests about a month's notice however, just to ensure that everyone you wish to be there can make it.

Who to Invite?

It used to be that you weren't supposed to invite anyone to the engagement party who you weren't inviting to the wedding and that was that. But nowadays there are some many couples who live far away from their families and friends the formality of engagement parties are forever changing, it's now not abnormal to invite a mix of people who will also be attending the wedding as well as people who may not be.


You can take your pick of locations, from inside your own home, to a glitzy hotel location, or even in the great outdoors (just remember to prepare yourselves with some cheap wedding umbrellas in case of a downpour!) Where you host your engagement party will likely depend on how many guests you are inviting, but the options are almost endless on location!

Most of all have fun!

Whatever you decide to do and whoever you decide to invite just remember they are all there to celebrate your special engagement. Make sure all your nearest and dearest are there, so get out the invitations will a fair amount of time in between. You can play fun games, and spend the time getting to know one another's family. Most of all you should enjoy the night, as you only get engaged once!