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A guide to making your wedding environmentally friendly

Here are some top tips to create a big, fat, green wedding that will be a hit with you and your guests. It is simple to make a positive impact, as an individual through the choices you make and your wedding doesn’t have to be any different. Being environmentally friendly has many benefits, from helping the world to saving some pennies in your bank account.

The all-important dress

When the words ‘reused’ and ‘second hand’ come up in conversation in relation to a wedding dress a lot of people would shy away. We are asking you to rethink this idea and see it in a new light. A custom made, bespoke, one of a kind dress could be lovingly made for you by a nifty family member or seamstress. Imagine how much more you would appreciate and adore a dress that has been created out of carefully selected materials or items of pre-worn clothing. This is also a fantastic way to combine your mother’s wedding dress into your own: once complete it will be a head turner with its own story sewn into the material.  Your dress doesn’t have to follow the traditional white theme, wearing colour or an unusual style can highlight your personality on your special day.

If a brand new off-the-shelf dress is still all you are dreaming of, then take a look around the vintage shops to try and find yourself a gem. Vintage clothing avoids fast fashion and promotes the reuse and repair attitude; the perfect dress is something that needs to be treasured and looked after. If vintage isn’t your style either, there are a range of companies now making dresses out of materials that are more sustainable, such as hemp and bamboo.


Recycled paper uses less energy to make than non-recycled paper; simple, right? It is one of the most commonly recycled items, and when you see the finished product, it is hard to tell the difference. There are many companies in the UK that will be willing to print your carefully designed invitation onto the paper of your choice.

We know that it is a special element to your big day to have a physical copy of your invitation for your keepsake box, but if you are willing to sacrifice this, then an email invitation can be made equally as special. You could include pictures of yourselves with the person you are sending it to, snippets of memories that relate to your shared relationship, or a poem that could put a smile on the recipients face. This and more could be included in an email as there is less limitation with space compared to paper.

Flowers for your bouquet, table piece and confetti

Local, in-season flowers which are ethically produced, are not only super green but support your local community too. The UK has a stunning range of beautiful and fragrant flowers that will make the perfect bouquet, table piece or biodegradable confetti. Potted plants can be the all-important focal table piece; the arrangement can complete the room and can also double up as a thank you gift to the bridesmaids or parents.

Food and drink

From farm to table is a growing trend and there is no need for weddings to miss out on the delicious food on offer! Have a feast of local, in-season produce, cooked and served by a local company. Real, organic, unprocessed food is good for your body and what better time to treat yourself than on your wedding day? Emissions are reduced by buying local as food doesn’t have to be transported all around the world, it also arrives fresh and usually without any packaging. This doesn’t have to stop just at the food; there is a huge range of local wines, cider and craft beers that are produced in the UK which are just a tasty as the top brands.


The UK is full of beautiful places to visit on your honeymoon. Staycations are becoming more and more popular, and we know why. Whether you want to be beside the sea, amongst mountains, rolling hills or lakes you can find it all here. Flying half way around the world for a week can be costly to you and the environment, so either catch a train or coach and visit one of the stunning places in your own country. As we all know, the UK weather can be unpredictable, so don’t forget your wedding umbrella to see you through the drizzle.

A location close to home

Being eco-friendly goes hand in hand with being outside. Why not choose a naturally beautiful setting to show your loved one your appreciation? Woodlands, beaches and hills all offer dramatic and a stunning setting for your special day. They say ‘home is where the heart is’ – tie the knot in the place you and your partner call home, where you share your most treasured memories and will spend your life together. By not travelling too far to get married, you’ll be helping the environment too!

The rings

Mining of metals and jewels can be damaging to the environment and there is already so much metal that has already come out of the earth that is redundant. Craft jewellers will make one of a kind rings for you and your partner out of recycled metals. They will engrave it or shape it in anyway you choose, each element of the ring you design will increase its meaning to you both. This is a great way to support independent shops and recycle. 


Small changes can make a huge difference; they also encourage other people to be more conscience too. By being eco-friendly at your wedding, you will save money and create items with undeniable meaning and significance to your relationship.

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