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Escape and Elope: The Most Beautiful Places for a Secret Wedding

Has wedding planning got you hot under the collar? Have you seen one too many floral arrangements or place settings? Are you reconsidering the entire idea of getting married in the first place?! The stress of wedding planning is one of the biggest in life, so maybe you and your spouse-to-be should just pack up and shift off? We detail the best places in the world to elope!

Niagara Falls, New York

One of the most recognisable waterfalls in the world, Niagara Falls could be the perfect background for an epic elopement. If you want to do something truly memorable, how about hiring a helicopter and saying those two magic words flying over the breathtaking descent? With the US on one side and Canada on the other, you are also in a prime position for some excellent honeymoon choices too!

Florence, Italy

It’s where Kim and Kanye chose to get wed and we can see why! Pale orange brick buildings give the city a rose-tinted vista and with a multitude of gorgeous ancient churches, the romance of the ages is captured and spread throughout this magnificent place. With cobbled alleyways, tiny quaint cafes and surrounded by sweeping countryside, it feels like you’ve stepped into a romance novel making it a perfect choice for a secret wedding.

Costa Rica

Tropical scenery and a relaxed atmosphere can be found in droves in Costa Rica, one of Central America’s jewels. It is simple to get a marriage license, you just need your passport and two witnesses, and there are lots of secluded beaches and lagoons which are perfect for an elopement. Costa Rica’s fun Spanish vibe makes it the perfect place to celebrate afterwards too!

Maui, Hawaii

Talk about your picture postcard! Hawaii is synonymous with white sand beaches, coconuts and palm trees making it both a wedding and honeymoon destination wrapped into one. Why not opt for a traditional Hawaiian wedding in order to embrace the culture and have something truly memorable. It’s also a great way to make those left at home a little bit jealous upon your return.

Las Vegas, Nevada

It wouldn’t be a list of places to elope without the world famous wedding venues of Las Vegas! The bright lights of the city and the surrounding natural beauty of the desert are eye-catching and definitely memorable. If you’re not keen on having Elvis standing at the altar with you, there are other places to get wed which don’t have the kitsch value. Find your own romantic oasis somewhere in this exciting city… and then enjoy a monumental celebration afterwards in one of the super-hotels!


An overseas British territory, Bermuda has an eclectic mix of British culture and relaxed island living. Known for its pink sand beaches and stunning ocean views, Bermuda is one of the best places for a couple to elope. There are many beautiful churches to choose from, varying in style and denomination, and with the Bermuda Triangle right there, it is definitely a place to get lost in love.

So if the planning of a massive wedding with hundreds of guests has got you running for the hills, it might not be such a bad thing. Why not see if there isn’t somewhere else you would rather spend that special and intimate moment when you can finally say ‘I do’.

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