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Essential Golf Accessories That Every Golfer Should Own.

Every golfer loves his or her gadgets and accessories. They’re part of what’s so fun about the game - the chance to invest in those added extras will help you play with style and expertise. If you’re new to golf, looking for some more suggestions for accessories, or if you’re just looking to invest in the perfect gift for the golfer in your life, here are some great ideas to get started.

First of all, everyone who plays golf regularly will already have a golfing glove to help them with their grip. But not everyone will have a specialist rain glove. With a rain glove, you can continue playing even during a shower, without your hand slipping all over the club. The design of the rain glove even improves your grip as the heavens open, so its a perfect accessory for the golfer who plays through the weather conditions.

You probably have golf tees already. But how about white wooden ones, like they use in professional competition. Whether they’re better than the colourful plastic ones is a matter of taste, but if those are the one you see the pros are using, it’s worth a try.

Pencils are pencils. Bring one with you, or maybe more than one. But also consider a marker pen so that you can personalise your golf ball, to ensure fair play.

A golf umbrella that’s big and sturdy enough for the job is invaluable for playing during bad weather. Make sure it’s built for the job. Other umbrellas are likely to let you down and distract from your players as they won’t be the right size and they could easily probably collapse if the wind starts to get gusty. A golf umbrella is a perfect gift for a golfer.

Towels are useful, but especially if they are dark-coloured so that the mud doesn’t show when you clean your clubs and your golf balls. Keep one handy as it can have multiple uses.

If you’re expecting the sun to shine, then how about a peaked cap. Save your eyes from the glare of the bright sunlight so you can focus on your putting rather than having to squint. Fashion conscious? Golf shops offer a wide range of other clothes and shoes, but remember to check on the dress requirements of the golf club before you get too adventurous.

Other hi-tech golf accessory options can involve batteries, and smartphone connection, although that might defeat the main point of spending your afternoon on the golf course, unplugged and off-grid.

Happy shopping!

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