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Essential Tips For Entertaining Kids When Its Raining

Let’s be honest, looking after kids can be great fun on a sunny day when everyone’s in a good mood. You can go to the beach for an ice cream, have a big family barbecue, play games, spend the afternoon at the park. But it starts to clouds over and it starts raining, the holidays can be a different story. Fear not. What you need to survive are a few imaginative ideas.

The first one is to get out there anyway. If you have a kid's umbrella on hand for each of your little ones, a walk in the rain is a fun way to spend a few hours. Shelter in the trees, watch a storm at sea, gets those wellingtons on and splash in the puddles. It’s those moments that create the memories, so don’t worry so much about the weather.

On the other hand, when it's cold and wet out there, the motivation required can be hard to come by. So what about staying in and getting out the board games - even those older ones at the back of the cupboard that you haven’t played for years. Teaching the next generation how to play scrabble or do an old-fashioned jigsaw puzzle is a great use of a wet day with kids. Add some brand new board games into the mix and ban technology for a while so that they can really focus.

Still, want to go out? What are the attractions are in your local area? Is it about time you all went swimming, or to the cinema or Sea Life centre? Umbrellas on hand or one big golf umbrella to share, why not get out there and see the latest exhibit in your nearest museum. Bowling is another fun option, for the more competitive family.

Back in the kitchen, your family might enjoy a spot of baking in preparation for tea. How about cupcakes, decorated with wet-weather themed white icing or fluffy marshmallow clouds and blue sprinkles for rain. Or a big round sunshine cake. Just the thing to brighten up the day.

And when it's evening - or if it really is so overcast no-one feels like doing anything active - get some popcorn in the microwave and choose a DVD or Netflix movie. As a twist, and to save arguments, have everyone choose their favourite, and then draw from a hat to decide which one you’re going to watch. Then light up the fire, grab a large duvet for added cosiness, and enjoy the chance to put your feet up together while the cloudburst just does its thing. Sorted.

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