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Essentials For Your School Bag

When its back to school time, one thing every child is looking forward to is their new school bag.

It becomes the treat that helps them look forward to getting back into the classroom, and it’s the way you get to ensure they have everything they need for their studies. So lets think about the basics they’ll need to have with them.

It depends on the age of course. Younger children might be asked not to bring too much to school with them in case it gets lost. Older ones will have a list of supplies they’ll need to buy - pens, pencils, a sharpener, geometry equipment, perhaps a calculator.

Think about the fact that some of these items could get borrowed by others, or dropped in the playing field, so don’t spend the earth, and be ready to replace a few times during the year.

If they’re going to take a packed lunch to school with them, you’ll want to think about the kind of container that will suit their needs. Perhaps a rigid plastic box that seals easily to keep the freshness inside up to lunchtime (and then the crumbs and empty wrappers and cartons all afternoon!).

You might want to go for one with divisions that allows you to partition different healthy foods - raisins and cherry tomatoes and cheese and cucumber. Think carefully before adding nuts because of possible allergies at school. All these packages need to be able to fit in the school bag, or carried easily alongside.

Keep a children’s umbrella in their bag for leaving quickly in the morning when there’s a shower, or making your escape at the end of the day when a storm has set in. There’s nothing worse that being late arriving or leaving because you have to go looking for an umbrella.

We have a wide range of colours to choose from, so you can find their favourite. Make it an unusual one and you’re less likely to find someone else going home with it.

Hopefully those essentials will keep your children looking forward to the first day back. And if its you going back to school, we have other umbrellas that would suit you too…

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