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Everything You Need to Know About Golf Umbrellas

In the golfing world, the golf umbrella is a valued piece of kit. Without it, even a slightly cloudy day can signal a reason to leave your clubs at home. But armed with one, you can keep playing when the weather turns for the worse.

With so many on the market you might be wondering which one to choose for yourself, or for the golfer in your life. That’s why we’re here with a list of things to look for when you’re buying your own golf umbrella.

Now, it’s true that many golf umbrellas arrive with their owners bearing a sales slogan or as a marketing campaign freebie. Getting your golf umbrella this way can be a good bargain and could last a few years. But let’s say you’re in the market to buy one for yourself. If you care about how you look and you want to choose a decent umbrella that will keep you sheltered without interfering with your game, what should you be looking for?

Get a big umbrella. If you have a choice between two, pick the bigger one. At least 60 inches is the recommended size. The proviso is of course that you need to be able to handle it comfortably.

In terms of strong weather conditions, you’ll want one that isn’t going to be battered in a storm. Decent golf umbrellas will have undergone some testing to determine how well they stand up, so you should be able to ask in store for recommendations or contact them online for that kind of information.

What about lightning? Well, it’s probably a good idea to call it a day if you start to notice an electrical storm brewing, but if you are determined to play on, a fibreglass shaft is a better bet to avoid getting struck - which is rare, but does happen. Fibreglass is also lighter than steel. Alternatives include graphite and even rubber, each with their pros and cons. 

If you’re in the market for an umbrella holder, you can fit one onto your trolley and slot your umbrella inside. It’s a handsfree alternative for those who don’t have a caddy.

And our final tip is that a really visible colour is a good idea when you’re playing in poor light and you want to be seen. That way you’re more likely to avoid getting struck by someone else’s ball!

So there you have our tips on golf umbrellas to save you from being a fair weather golfer.


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