Here's part 2 of our wedding caterer guide!

If you missed PART ONE, it makes sense to head back and get up to speed on that first - enjoy!

5 - Pay Attention To Their Communication

How the food taste is an obvious key component to any catering company, but also how they treat their customers is, even more, telling whether you should pursue with the company. If they take a while to get back to you, or gets names or dates wrong in their proposal or just can't answer your questions then consider crossing them right off your list. Attention to detail is vital and if they can't impress you in the planning stages then they will more than likely not impress you in the day.

6 - Arrange for Tastings  

This is where things can a bit tricky! A lot of catering companies, however, do not provide tastings until you have signed the dotted line with them. So how do you get around this? See if the company attends any expos or events as often that's a way you are able to see the produce from there. If the company does not hold any events or go to any conventions offer to pay them a small fee for a mini tasting. If the caterer still insists on being hired before a tasting, and you really love your menu, include a clause in the contract that allows you to dissolve the agreement if the tasting doesn't meet your standards.

7 -  Read The Reviews

So you've decided on a caterer and are about the sign the dotted line. Before you do though, read reviews from previous customers or talk to friends and family who have used their service before. You wanted to know the quality of the waiting staff, attention to detail.

8 - Sign the Contract and Choose Your Menu

Sign the contract after creating a finalised proposal, which outlines the total cost of your food and drinks, including the menu, all the staff required, linens, party rentals and any additional fees. Set up a time for a tasting of your full menu. If you have any changes it's best to replace it before the actual tasting as you should be trying all the food you expect to see at the wedding and don't want any surprises on the day.

As for the rest, just try and enjoy it! Bon Appetite!